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  1. AllisonLP

    PHCC Fall 2010 applicants? You out there??

    Thanks! That totally worked. I got an 88. So, like I said, I had not studied/prepared at all so I'm hoping I can pull my score up at least a couple points. So as of now, 88 TEAS and 3.46 gpa Allison
  2. AllisonLP

    PHCC Fall 2010 applicants? You out there??

    Hi, I am applying. I have a gpa of 3.46. I took the teas a while ago and I can't find my score report but I just called and someone is going to call me and tell me what my score is. I'll post it here when I know. I will probably take the teas again since the first time I tested with literally no preparation. Does anyone know what the hours for the program are? Allison
  3. AllisonLP

    PHCC FALL 2009 Applicants (and current students)

    any updates?
  4. AllisonLP

    Tampa RN wanting to work from home

    United Health Care has a lot of telecommuting positions for nurses in clinical type roles as well as quality, accreditation, etc. They hire case managers to work from home. I think the prefer a BSN but give it a try either way. Allison
  5. AllisonLP

    share your touching moments

    I literally have tears rolling down my face! I am so glad that you guys can act so selflessly! I hope that I can be as fabulous as all of you! Allison
  6. I have gotten this comment in MANY classes at my university and at the cc. some instructors have clearly stated that they believe this is because the average age of evening students is higher and that many are professionals. Additionally that on average they are more mature and have finished with whatever social things (parties, drinking, whatever) might get in the way of the success of of a younger, early class taking student. I have to say, my experiences totally back this up! I seriously prefer later classes because of the student population. I have always been one of the youngest in my evenings classes ( not just nursing, across many disciplines) and I prefer the atmosphere. I don't like gossipy drama queens loudly talking about how they got drunk last night and aren't sure who they slept with (true story) or someone so immature they need to argue with the prof during class time instead of office hours. I just find much less of this in later classes and with older students in general. That being said, I have also gotten the total bull crap "you're so young, you don't have kids, just wait, you'll see how hard it is" stuff that really makes me angry. I do have kids, I worked and went to school both FULL TIME but because I didn't use my kids as an excuse for poor performance like some, it was assumed I did not have these responsibilities. Allison
  7. AllisonLP

    Cheaters in my med/surg class

    I think this is disgusting and this person is probably a cheater and hopefully will never be responsible for care of anyone I know. I am very surprised that so many people share the view that this is not a patient safety issue. There are ALWAYS people who pass licensing exams in nursing, medicine, law, etc that make it by some fluke random answering or something, these people are a danger to society and these cheaters may go on to be these people. I have seen so many posts and heard so many stories about someone who can't believe they/someone else did not pass the NCLEX- people who know their stuff fail and often as people who don't pass- it just happens. That doesn't necessarily mean you should tell anyone. You need something besides claims that they don't study and decent grades. I knew people who said the same thing and went home and did nothing BUT study. Some people just can't admit they were not born knowing everything. I'm sure your really angry and frustrated and well, feeling cheated. If you really feel like you need to talk to someone, maybe start with an advisor. I think it is pretty unlikely that you alienate yourself over this but be tactful. Allison
  8. AllisonLP


    Anyone a current or past student of PTEC LPN program? Any info to share? What amount of "points" did you need to get in? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I was hoping to start a tread for those of us applying for Fall entry and I would appreciate it if people would post what NET and GPA has gotten them an acceptance in the past! I have a 3.46 and 92 reading comp on the NET. I'm going to retake the NET, I hope to do a little better. There is nothing I can do about my GPA, even though the classes I don't have As in are 5 years old, there is nothing I can do but apply and hope for the best! I am also applying to the LPN program and PHCC and one other. Good luck everyone! Thanks! Allison
  10. AllisonLP


    someone said coupons... I think this is a great idea but I have found that most of the time just buying generic stuff saves about the same amount without having to hunt through the paper. I also do not buy books that are not required and in some classes did not buy one when I could do the reading online, I have also shared books with other people or borrowed from people who already took the class. JUST TO REDHEAD: for clarification, my sister and her boyfriend were both laid off and asked if they could move in with us so we found a bigger house to rent and we both save money. you were really unreasonably nasty and mine was not a personal attack but, your was. if your SO works hard and pays your bills, you don't need to be nasty because mine does too. Certainly people who are having a hard time making ends meet aren't all buying $300 purses, etc but a hell of a lot of them are! Just because I point that you doesn't mean you need to get defensive and personally attack my post, that is childish. Did you actually read my post past whatever you chose to be offended by? my life is tough like everyone else's: i have not bought myself new clothes in YEARS, i have a ****** car, the only things I do for fun are FREE, to save money my sister and her bf came to live with me making me the cleaning lady, etc. (but i put up with it to save money) And my mom had undiagnosed lyme disease for 8 years and is really sick so every extra dollar i can find goes to help support her. I had the same tennis shoes for 5 years!!! I recently replased them with $7 shoes on sale at traget because the sole came off when I was running (a FREE form of exercise). I did NOT say I was doing great or that others should be doing better, etc. I said people need to prioritize and they may have to do things they don't want to (like share a house). so yeah, let's be supportive, unlike how you treated me.
  11. AllisonLP


    I am very frugal , I have an old car that gets 28 mpg and is cheap to insure, I used my tax return to pay tuition, work part time (usually! I can NOT find a job right now with a lot of experience), use my mom and sister as baby sitters (to save money) I share a house with my sister and her boyfriend to cut costs, and I have a fabulous boyfriend who makes decent money as a physicist and covers most of our bills. I have chosen an online LPN program though my grades and NET score would get me into an RN program because most of it is online limiting the need for daycare and both my kids will be in elementary school by the time I am ready to bridge. I buy school books used, buy things on sale and pack the kids and BF lunch from home, we just find ways to cut expenses. I see people complain about not being able to afford this and that and whining that they can't afford school but then these same people have $300 purses, eat out daily and are getting their hair and nails done twice a month. I know my priorities and hyper consumerism disgusts me so it isn't that hard.
  12. AllisonLP

    Hillsborough Community College Spring 2009

    What is the schedule at HCC? I read the in class time is only 6 hours a week and other programs in the area are around 20, just wondering if this is correct. Thanks.
  13. AllisonLP

    anyone go LPN/RN/NP route? did it hurt your chances?

    great! :) thanks!
  14. AllisonLP

    anyone go LPN/RN/NP route? did it hurt your chances?

    Hey, My concern was whether or not it made it harder to get into an NP program. I agree about the cost!
  15. I curious what the experiences of those who first became and LPN and then bridged, etc. Did you find that doing an LPN program VS. a "generic" RN program hurt your overall app for grad school? Is it an issue at all? Thanks.
  16. AllisonLP

    Is LPN/RN bridge ok to apply to MSN programs?

    anyone else?