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  1. stine75

    What was your job training like?

    I start my orientation on the 3rd of December, so I'm not going to be of much help.....but from what they told me today, the first few days are paperwork and videos,etc (casual clothes)....and then after day 4 or 5 I'll be on the floor with another CNA for the first week or two. Hope that helps! Christina
  2. stine75


    Congratulations!!! Welcome to the club. I passed on Saturday, and got a job today!!! Good luck on your job hunt.... Christina
  3. stine75

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    Yeah!!! I passed my CNA test last Saturday, and landed a job at the Veteran's Home today!! I was VERY nervous, but my interview went really well, and I start my orientation on the 3rd of December!!!! Christina
  4. stine75


    I am a trainee CNA working at a LTC facility. Today one of the guys planted a big fat smooch on me when I wasn't prepared for it, and afterwards I was told he has c-diff. Should I be worried??? Christina
  5. stine75

    Just Got Accepted To A Cna Program!!!

    Congratulations!! Dang, and I had to pay $500 for mine!! My class finishes next week, and my state exam is the 3rd of November.....the time will fly by. Just curious, why were you told you would hate it?? Christina
  6. stine75

    CNA Interview, help please!!!

    Thank you Kelley!
  7. stine75

    About to start CNA classes, I NEED HELP

    I bought some cushy nursing shoes from a nursing supply store when I bought my scrubs. They work really well, but I can't remember the brand. I see a lot of people in Crocs, but I can't imagine actually wearing them! Last night one of the gals in my class was in crocs, and we did showers.......her socks were soaked a whole lot more than mine were in regular shoes. You can also get inserts for your shoes. Just makes sure they're comfortable because you'll be on your feet a whole lot. Christina
  8. stine75

    CNA Interview, help please!!!

    Thank you so much!! You are an angel........ Christina
  9. I'm hoping and praying that one of you on here would be so kind as to help me out with the CNA Interview I have to have for my CNA class. I've left it til the last minute thinking I would have a chance to interview one of the local CNA's during my OJThours, but it hasn't worked out that way. PLEASE, someone.....help a girl out!! Your name? How long have you been a CNA? Why did you choose to become a CNA? How long have you worked at your present facility? What did you want to achieve as a CNA, and have you achieved that goal? What has been your greatest reward as a CNA? What has been your worst experience? Do you plan to further your education? If so, what field of study have you chose and why? If you had a chance to do it over, would you become a CNA? If you had a crystal ball, what would you predict as the future of the CNA? What do you consider to be the most difficult aspect of the job? Would you recommend the career field to someone else? Thank you tons!!! I don't know what I would do without all of you cyber-mentors............... Christina
  10. stine75

    About to start CNA classes, I NEED HELP

    Yes, you should find out from the instructor what you need for your clinical days on the first day of class....but I'd assume you'll need scrubs for clinical....and no stethoscope. I'd bring a small notebook and pen that you can keep in one of your scrub pockets during clinical. Other than that, decent shoes and a smile!! Christina
  11. stine75

    Do you mind if I join you all...

    Hello!! I'm not finished with my course, and therefore have no idea what the most important things will be on your certification exam, but I'm trying to think of what my instructor has really emphasized thus far. Hand-washing, definitely. OH, and charting/legal stuff. Transferring residents, and feeding. Not sure if that helps though!! Christina
  12. stine75

    8hrs until skills test

    Good luck on your test!!! I'm sure you'll do great.......
  13. stine75


    Wow.....tonight we basically just went through what we were going to do, and the first chapter in our textbook. I have 4 chapters to read and do summaries on before tomorrow nights class though. I plan on doing that when my kids leave for school tomorrow. I'm absolutely jazzed by my first class though......and came home high as a kite!
  14. stine75

    start classes tonight

    Katie, I'm planning on continuing my education after this, and am filling out applications for LPN classes already! I too was thinking that it would help me decide whether nursing was really for me. My first class went great. I was by far not the oldest. There are 15 people in my class, and most of them were my age or older. I felt instantly comfortable, which was good because I'm a stresser and a worrier! I can't wait for class tomorrow night.........and I have 4 chapters to read and do summary pages on before 6 pm tomorrow night!!! Fun, eh???
  15. stine75


    That's the same time mine ends. Supposedly the class is 75 hours of classroom, 100 hours of clinical....but I'm not sure how that's possible based on the class schedule. I guess I'll find out tonight!!
  16. stine75


    That's great! How long is your training?? I've noticed that everyone seems to be going for a different amount of time. Just curious...