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  1. ghingerz1208

    gpa to get into nursing school?

    I understand how you feel. I have a degree in accounting too. After 8 years, I decided to go back to school. The first science class I took was Biology 189 (basic biology), I got a C I was very upset. At this point though after getting used to my study habits again, I have been getting good grades. My school requires 3.0 to get in the program but I'm not taking chances, I have 3.53. I hope to keep it that way (or bring it up) with 3 more classes to take before I could apply. Goodluck...we can do it!!
  2. ghingerz1208

    Are we all old???

    I am 30 but people say I look like I'm 20;) Anyway, I am happily married with one kid. Nursing would be my second degree...can't wait to get it done but I'm taking my pre-req's part-time.
  3. ghingerz1208

    3 classes, all requires B

    Those 3 classes are the last classes I need to take to get in the program. I am hoping to get in the program in the summer. I don't want to regret taking 3 classes and not get good grades though. Thank you for the advice. I finished my Chem. classes with A's;)
  4. ghingerz1208

    3 classes, all requires B

    Are you currently registered at UNLV? Yes, I heard Micro is tough at UNLV...I don't know but the only reason I can't take it is because of their class schedule. NSC offers Saturday classes for Micro...I might consider that;)
  5. ghingerz1208

    Fall '07 Grades!! Be Proud!!

    I took just two classes. English lit. and A&P 1, I got A- on both:)
  6. ghingerz1208

    3 classes, all requires B

    I registered for A&P 2 and Nutrition at UNLV. I am thinking about taking Micro at CSN since UNLV offers just one class schedule for it. I have a decent GPA, my adviser at UNLV said I wouldn't have any problem getting in the program because of the catalog I am in. I agree though that school of nursing is getting really competitive and schools make it harder to get in. Better safe than sorry;)
  7. ghingerz1208

    schedule for Spring '08

    Hello everyone! I just need a little input. I am planning to take Micro, A&P2, and Nutrition for Spring 08. I am debating if I really want to take all three classes at the same time. All these classes requires B to get in the program. I have a 3-year old daughter, full-time Mom;) Anyone in the same shoe as mine? Did anyone experience taking all three classes at the same time? Thanks:)
  8. ghingerz1208

    3 classes, all requires B

    I am planning to take Micro, A&P 2 and Nutrition in the spring. All these classes requires B to get in the program. Did anyone experience taking all these 3 classes at the same time?
  9. ghingerz1208

    New pre-nursing student "need advice"

    The problem is...my school does not post the names of the teachers before registering to any class (in other classes maybe). huh:( They just use staff 1,2,3 etc. I love ratemyprofessor site though...too bad I can't use it. :(
  10. ghingerz1208

    any other students trying to lose weight?

    Eating vegetables, just enough meat and regular exercise are great if you want to lose weight. I weighed 150lbs. after I had a baby and lost all my weight after 3 mos. just by doing all what I mentioned earlier. It takes discipline and good planning;) I now weigh 123lbs. :) :) Goodluck everyone...anybody can do it!
  11. ghingerz1208

    What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    Sooooo funny...lol...lol.
  12. ghingerz1208

    What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    You gave me a good laugh there...lol...lol! I think you have a really good point;) Sorry, I meant the post made by anonymouse was funny.
  13. ghingerz1208

    c-section in Manila

    Hello Everyone! I am just wondering what the cost of c-section is in Manila? I mean, the "estimated cost" of the overall delivery...thanks.
  14. ghingerz1208

    It just isn't fair

    I am not in the nursing program yet but I think that some people do it because they truly want to reach out to other people. Another thing too is to find satisfaction in their job while earning "good money". But c'mon now people...let's not be judgmental to others...as nurses, we should understand that a lot of us needs to work and earn decent living for us to survive. I think that's real life...and unfair? ummmm, it's not like they are getting it for free...we all pay to finish school and all that. To those students who dropped out after getting accepted into the program probably realized that they can't do it. Life is a constant battle..there are things we can do and can't do. It is better that they dropped out than move on and not perform well in their duties as nurses. Anyway, for me everything happens for a reason. There are things that we can control in our life and things that is beyond our control:) Cheers guys! Life is beautiful...
  15. ghingerz1208

    Pre-Nursing Students...For those planning to take up Nursing

    This is a little late because I'm kind of new:) Yes, I would love to be a nurse one day. So far no questions yet..I haven't started school but hopefully soon (this summer):)
  16. ghingerz1208

    nursing program

    Hello all! What would you guys prefer UNLV or CCSN? I am now debating whether I'd go to UNLV or CCSN for nursing program or even taking the pre-req's. How do you like your school? intructors? facilities?:)