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I'm a nursing student at Boston College, originally from the Boston area, with dreams of becoming a CNM who does homebirths!!!

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  1. rigbyk

    Columbia or Yale??

    im an RN..are you? i didnt realize columbia has homebirth options for integration--i have to call them tomorrow to ask some questions, like if you can design your own integration or if it has to be at one of their placements... right now im thinking SUNY Downstate is so affordable, i might end up there...but i have to put together an app before april 15th eek..assuming their program isnt already full.
  2. rigbyk

    Columbia or Yale??

    im waiting to hear from columbia but i got into yale, and i have an interview at penn next week, and im wondering the same thing! problem is i live in NYC right now and my fiance works at a job he loves in brooklyn that he is committed to for next year, so i think ill wind up at columbia out of convenience...but i like the fact that they offer the dual degree as well. but im bummed because i am so sick of spending clinical time/working in higher-risk, urban teaching hospitals...i like penn a lot because they offer opportunities to work with homebirth midwives and birth centers too.
  3. rigbyk

    New Grad jobs in NYC?

    Hi all, I'm looking for an L&D/Maternal-CHild Health/Preferrably women's health position in NYC for January (graduating with BSN in December). So far I put in online apps at Mt Sinai, NYP and St Vincent's. Any tips on getting through HR and actually getting hired? Anyone have any connections or recs for anyone to call, etc? Much appreciated! Thanks so much! *Kristina
  4. rigbyk


    i would love to know this as well. they offer an INCREDIBLE tuition repayment program--24 credits a year if youve worked there 6 months! crazy. that is awesome. im definitely applying here when i graduate in december...
  5. rigbyk

    does anyone really like nursing?

    All of my instructors LOVE their jobs and can't praise nursing enough...and all the nurses on the floors I have been on seem to truly love their work and there is a very positive working vibe. of course, the majority of my clinicals have been at MGH where nurses stay their entire careers it seems, so I guess it's a biased sample...
  6. rigbyk

    How about a thread for baby names you liked?

    Fav. Girl names: Shyla Stella Brooke Ariana Savannah Juliana Liana Nuala Cheyenne Emma Fav. Boy names: Elijah Hayden William(FIL's name) Richard(dad's & grandpa's name) Erson(family name on mom's side) Jacob Caleb Liam Murray (I'm part Irish and would love to use a British or Irish name) Aidan too but it's SO popular! I LOVE to think about baby names, I drive my fiance nuts!
  7. rigbyk

    OB New grad jobs in NYC??

    Hi guys, wondering if anyoen has been a new grad at New York Presbyterian in L&D, or anywhere in NYC on L&D...I'll be graduating next year and heading to NYC. Wondering what the salaries are like and what the job satisfaction factor is and where? I'm midwifery-oriented too so looking for a place that hires midwives. Any and all I would love to hear your experiences. And I'd like to get an idea about salaries. Thankyou!!!