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Grad Programs (NOT master's Entry!) fall 2008?

Is anyone applying for MS/NP programs for next year? I'm considering it...I think I'll take the GRE's this summer. I'm graduating in December with my BSN and will be moving to NYC. I'm getting married next summer and I'd like to be out of school for a few months at least so I think I'm going to apply around for Fall 2008 and see who gives me good Scholarships (if anyone) etc. I'm going to apply to Yale, Columbia and NYU for sure. Other than that I don't know yet...I guess I'd only apply to other locations (Penn, Georgetown) if I knew the classes only ran like two days a week since I'd like to live at least MOSTLY full-time with my husband for the first few months of our marriage!!! That would be ideal I'd say...So we'll see. Anyone hear of good financial packages coming from any of those schools? I have a LOT of undergrad debt so I really can't go unless I receive some hefty grants/scholarships; I just can't justify it.

Anyone else applying to these programs or have experience with them? I'm applying for Midwifery/Women's Health.

I am beginning at NYU in 2008, in their midwifery program. I am not sure on the class schedule yet so I cant help you there. Make sure you really check out the schools-i thought i wanted to go to YALE until I actually went to the school and I changed my mind. I heard UPenn is nice, I was going to apply there but I got into NYU :) good luck!

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