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  1. huskiesnu06


    no, sorry I am on the other side of the country
  2. huskiesnu06


    I received the award this year and my status changed to application "not yet completed" as well. Also I never received a phone call to verify my loan pay off amounts or anything asking me if I was still interested, I received the letter last week only.
  3. huskiesnu06

    Starting UPenn this summer

    Hey guys, I was just offered an interview for UPENNs midwifery program (May 2009). First does anyone know if everyone is given an interview-or only those they are interested in? Also They told me the interview will be between 60-90 minutes, is there anyone who can give me some tips-perhaps someone who has already been through this process. Thanks!
  4. huskiesnu06

    Remember Me?~ Good News.....

    Well I worked as a MHC (mental health counselor) for 3 years-during undergrad and grad school (nursing school). I am from MA and the pay was about 13.00/hr. I worked with children (ages 4-12) and adolescents (13-17). The job included running groups, monitoring behaviors, documenting on treatment plan progress and basically feeing the children, making sure they bathed/did ADLs and whatever other "housekeeping" issues there were including doing laundry and breaking up fights. When I worked there I did some per-diem work with adult psych-that job entailed everything I described above including taking vital sigs and blood glucose everyday-that job paid 13/he as well. Please let me know if you have any other questions-I worked in psych for a LONG TIME! As far as degree wise-all of the people I worked with on the child/adolescent unit has either long term psych experience or has a BS in psychology. On the adult unit you had to have inpatient psychiatry experience to be hired. Hope this helped! Erin:heartbeat
  5. huskiesnu06


    I as well applied to the NELRP for 2008. I called today and they said that they started sending out letters in july but that ppl would be notified in Sept so that did not make sense. My loans are about 140% of my income so I am crossing my fingers. Good luck to everyone who applied!
  6. huskiesnu06

    Starting UPenn this summer

    I just applied to UPENN for summer 09-they told me I should hear within 6 weeks since I am applying so early (did you find that to be a correct time frame) Also I was interested in hearing about your experience during the interview-what type of questions did they ask? I was also interested in hearing how you feel your clinicals have been-do you feel that they have good clinical placements? Finally do you feel that you made the right choice going to UPENN- Thanks!
  7. huskiesnu06

    NYU MSN Programs

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know if anyone had info on NYUs MSN programs in general or midwifery specifically. I was accepted for early 2008 and wanted to know what people thought. Thanks!
  8. huskiesnu06

    Grad Programs (NOT master's Entry!) fall 2008?

    I am beginning at NYU in 2008, in their midwifery program. I am not sure on the class schedule yet so I cant help you there. Make sure you really check out the schools-i thought i wanted to go to YALE until I actually went to the school and I changed my mind. I heard UPenn is nice, I was going to apply there but I got into NYU :) good luck!

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