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fragye0029 has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in medsurg.

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  1. fragye0029

    Nursing Job Application

    Very insightful. Thank you rather a lot for taking time to respond and providing me such an insight. 🙏
  2. fragye0029

    Nursing Job Application

    Thank you ☺️. I appreciate your view.
  3. fragye0029

    Nursing Job Application

    Thanks for not only taking time to read, but wanting to help too. Firstly, it's an NHS UK job for bedside nursing. Secondly, I'm required to answer each bulleted element, demonstrating how I meet them. A brief background - there's a p...
  4. fragye0029

    Nursing Job Application

    Hi fellow nurses, Although I am new to this page, I have instantly become an acute reader of unique contents and support on it. Currently, I am applying for a job within some specific organisations and as required, I am to submit a stateme...