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  1. I am have been accepted into a 12 month ABSN program in the Spring. I am currently talking pathophysiology (a watered down version that I understand is probably not as hard as the one they will have in the program) at a local community college to hel...
  2. Mercy College of Health Sciences ABSN SP 23

    I have a link to a fb page I made for the Spring cohort. Anyone who sees, you’re welcome to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1280901586072166/?ref=share
  3. NYU Accelerated Nursing Spring 2023

    california applicant here. I applied and got a school id back in my email today. It says on my portal to enter my prerequisite grade information to complete my application. I have mostly A’s and then some B’s for my prerequisites. Tbh my overall GPA ...
  4. Mercy College of Health Sciences ABSN SP 23

    I also have some questions about what you said about cedar rapids. I googled it and can’t find mchs in that city. Is that a new extension campus they are opening?
  5. Hello, My name is Aaron. Anybody else applied for the Spring cohort? I just heard back from the school and they told me they have been granted general admission into the school, but am waiting for them to admit me specifically into the program. ...