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Hi there! I'm a freelance writer with extensive experience in healthcare. Need engaging content expertly written by an experienced nurse? I'm the one. Contact me.

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Maggie Aime has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Freelance Writer, Utilization Review RN Consultant.

Imagine this. Expertly written, informative, accurate, relevant, tailored, and relatable healthcare content appearing in your inbox as scheduled and exactly when you need it! No fuss, no issues, no big marketing agency costs, just original healthcare content that adds value, resonates with your customers, and helps your company build trust. Well, it can all be a reality with The Write RN!

I'm Maggie Aime, BSN, RN, aka The Write RN, a freelance healthcare content writer with a combined 25 years as an oncology nurse, medical-surgical/cardiac nurse, kidney transplant nurse, pediatric home health nurse, surgical/oncology medical coder, medical transcriptionist.  My professional background also includes oncology case manager, utilization management consultant, and healthcare administrator.

I have a passion for educating others about all aspects of oncology, cardiology, safety, health promotion, disease prevention and management. 

With my unique background as a certified professional coder and my insider knowledge as a utilization management nurse consultant, I'm your go-to expert when it comes to educating your audience about navigating the healthcare system or teaching healthcare providers how to maximize health insurance reimbursement.  

You want your healthcare content done "Write", on time while staying on budget, right? The Write RN delivers! Contact me and let me alleviate your already extensive to-do list.  


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  1. Maggie Aime

    Monkeypox Going Viral! What You Need To Know

    @HiddenAngels, although monkeypox in the US is not making the headlines, the number of cases has increased exponentially from a month ago when I wrote this article. So glad you found it helpful!
  2. Maggie Aime

    Monkeypox Going Viral! What You Need To Know

    @Kooky Korky, thank you for your feedback. Glad to help! @MEDFET Thank you for your comment. I will look into the links provided.
  3. Maggie Aime

    Monkeypox Going Viral! What You Need To Know

    @gere7404, I'm glad you found the information helpful!
  4. Maggie Aime

    A Day in the Life of a Home Health Nurse

    Another important point is the home health nurse's safety and how to prepare for and handle potential safety risks especially being in someone else's home. Well-written and very detailed article!
  5. Maggie Aime

    Understanding and Preventing Dehydration in the Older Adult

    Lots of valuable information, Kim. Very well written!
  6. An outbreak of monkeypox has recently been confirmed in several countries in Europe, in Canada, and in the United States; these are countries where the disease does not naturally occur and is not typically reported. It's not known how the infected i...
  7. Maggie Aime

    Stroke Alert! Know Your Role

    Every 40 seconds, a person has a stroke in the United States; and every 3 to 4 minutes, a person dies of a stroke. This translates to about 795,000 people having a stroke every year in the United States and 137,000 deaths from stroke. Today, over 4...
  8. Maggie Aime

    Women Struggling to Recognize Heart Disease

    Thank you for raising awareness on this very important issue! There's also the misconception that heart attack is a man's disease. Well done.
  9. Maggie Aime

    How to Start an IV with an Ultrasound Machine: Transverse Mode

    Well-written. I work in oncology and vein access for those patients without a port can be quite difficult. Thank you.
  10. Maggie Aime

    Healthy Skin is In! Keep Melanoma Out!

    @Emergent Thank you for your comment and feedback.
  11. Maggie Aime

    Healthy Skin is In! Keep Melanoma Out!

    @Julie Thank you for your feedback. I'm very sorry to hear about your mother and what you and your family must have gone through. As an oncology nurse, I can get careless with sun protection. It is absolutely important to bring the awareness! Thank...
  12. Melanoma is the leading cause of skin-cancer-related deaths. The American Cancer Society expects about 99,780 new melanoma cases and approximately 7,650 deaths from melanoma in 2022 alone. Early detection and prevention are the best means to improv...

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