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  1. BMCC Nursing Fall 2022

    You're a shoo in with those scores! I didn't know that there was a group chat. Everyone must be glad to finally have that behind them.
  2. BMCC FALL 2022

    Nursehub was crucial for AP for sure! Critical Thinking was my biggest challenge but I definitely rushed through it because I wanted to save my reading energy for reading comprehension LOL. I started a new forum BMCC Nursing Fall 2022 so we can all g...
  3. BMCC Nursing Fall 2022

    Hi everyone! The wait starts now. So excited/nervous!! How did everyone do on the test? I got 880 on critical thinking and 95 overall. PCI GPA is 3.8
  4. BMCC FALL 2022

    How has everyone done so far? I take my exam tomorrow
  5. BMCC FALL 2022

    Thank you! I've checked that email every day LOL. I will reach out to her just to make sure she has it. Are you able to select your test date?
  6. BMCC FALL 2022

    Hi! Do you mind sharing what was discussed in the zoom meeting? We're there a lot of participants or do you think she might be sending out emails in waves. I haven't received anything yet.
  7. BMCC FALL 2022

    I didn't get anything! My GPA was above 3.85. What's going on in the zoom?
  8. BMCC FALL 2022

    I'm hoping to get into the program this coming Fall! Has anyone received their test date yet?