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  1. Hi! I am starting a nurse residency program with BUMC this month in Dallas and wanted to know how many weeks/days are spent in clinical time vs classroom time. Thanks!
  2. Forum for nursing students that applied to work at THR under July 2022 residency :)
  3. Anyone heard from the CVICU in Fort Worth?
  4. Just giving an update - THR switched all of 8 of my applications to "application under review" as of yesterday. I have one interview scheduled with the ICU in Arlington. Hopefully I hear back for more interviews soon.
  5. Baylor Scott and White Nurse Residency 2022

    Hey! I interviewed with the Trauma ICU at BUMC in Dallas. It was a really difficult interview to me. There were 4 nurse managers sitting around a table on one camera. They took turns asking me questions. They were all behavioral questions, but di...
  6. Just heard back and scheduled an interview with Arlington Memorial's ICU! First THR hospital I have heard back from in a month since I applied.
  7. Just checking again to see if anyone has heard from Harris FW CVICU or Cardiac Telemetry, and Arlington's ICU? Feeling really discouraged because I had an offer with Baylor's TICU in Dallas, but I was told it was in Fort Worth so now I am waiting on...
  8. Baylor Scott and White Nurse Residency 2022

    Does anyone know if it is 3 shifts or 4 shifts a week for the residency programs? I cannot find any info.
  9. UT Southwestern Nurse Residency Summer 2022

    Hey! I put ICU as my #1 and PCU as my #2 and got an interview scheduled with the PCU as of yesterday. Never heard about ICU…
  10. Baylor Scott and White Nurse Residency 2022

    Just had my interview with with BAS FW ICU. I feel like it went well but they asked some tough questions. They all had poker faces so it was hard to tell how they felt about the interview. Fingers crossed!
  11. Just got a notification that I was not selected for further consideration at THR Dallas ICU. I am still waiting to hear back from Arlington's ICU and Fort Worth's CVICU. Anyone heard from either of those units?
  12. Hey! Just checking to see if you had heard anything on your other applications? I still haven't heard back. Have you interviewed with Dallas MICU yet?
  13. Baylor Scott and White Nurse Residency 2022

    I interview for the ICU tomorrow and the PCU on Wednesday for BAS FW. I will give updates if I hear anything.
  14. The preference form just allows you to rank your top 3 choices of specialties and locations. Since you only applied for one position, there probably was not a reason to send you one. I applied for like 10 positions haha
  15. Congratulations! I applied to the CVICU in Fort Worth, the ICU in Arlington, and the MICU in Dallas. I submitted my preference form on February 21, so I guess I just have to keep waiting...
  16. Hey! Anyone here applied for Texas Health residency for July 2022? I applied to several critical care areas on February 17, when applications opened. I got a preference form by email and sent it back, but my status has said "application under ...