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  1. Failed at 145 - NCLEX

    If you failed NCLEX 145 maximum does it means you are close to passing
  2. Att new York

    How many weeks did you received your att?
  3. Att new York

    Good day.... Where should I contact to follow up my ATT NEW there any email?did they take take too long to released att?thank u response appreciated☺️
  4. Att new York

    Good day .... Wondering how many days or weeks you got your att new York....mine already a week since I payed Pearsonvue...I haven't received yet my att
  5. NCLEX stop at 131-132 items

    Hey guys wondering if someone pass NCLEX at 131-132 questions with 31 satas,1 exhibit ,1 ekg priority questions but I don't count,...