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  1. Feels guilty for not reporting possible patient abuse

    Can the person still be reported or no since it was so long ago ?
  2. I don’t report everything as a CNA … is it okay to let my nurse assess

    Care comes natural… me even posting this I hope would show the care I feel for my patients as I wouldn’t take my time outside of work expressing my anxiety about work and reporting to the nurse LOL
  3. I don’t report everything as a CNA … is it okay to let my nurse assess

    I apologize for my defensive response. All in all … I’m just going to document what I get and move on. If they(nurses) get mad ,oh well. I come to do a job and I’ll do it. It’s not (their attitudes ) worth the stress I feel later hoping no one “suff...
  4. I don’t report everything as a CNA … is it okay to let my nurse assess

    I put “ “ because I was NEVER labeling myself as a nurse. I was saying that’s what the nurse would possibly think when they are charting and notice there’s nothing there … the nurse checks the chart all thru out the night. So I was saying when they n...
  5. I don’t report everything as a CNA … is it okay to let my nurse assess

    If the nurse “roused” then is not a form of manipulating the numbers ? I’ve even decided to not take respirations while the patient is sleeping and wait until they’re awake. Still sometimes the same result. I’ve had a nurse say “get the respirations ...
  6. I USUALLY chart EVERYTHING. I'm learning to step back and stop putting unnecessary stress on myself. At work a few nights ago my nurse questioned my ability to do my job because out of ALL my patients she didn't like that this patients vitals were hi...
  7. Have we all violated HIPAA ? Self reporting

    Has anyone ever self reported themselves for violating HIPAA ? Whether it be sharing a story with family , viewing a record anything ? I feel so terrible. So the backstory is I’m a CNA. My nurse basically was upset with me for writing true accurate l...
  8. Best tips for counting respirations ??

    Hello I’m struggling with doing respirations. At times I would do 30 seconds and if the timer stopped as a person finished inhaling but NOT exhaling I would still count that by 2. Meaning if they had 8 FULL respirations and that last inhale I would e...
  9. CNA Charting What Nurse Tells Her

    I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years. Caregiving I mean. I’m on the search to find a professional now.
  10. CNA Charting What Nurse Tells Her

    Thank you so much… I’ll admit the anxiety does at times cause me to not use my common sense. I take no offense at all to your comment. I appreciate the response so much 😭❤️❤️
  11. CNA Charting What Nurse Tells Her

    Thank you. Sometimes I overthink. Like I can be in mid breath or the patient rather then I’ll be stuck with “what number is it really ? “ or the patient will move a little and I lose count. But mostly like tonight I’ll be counting and say I count 6 ...
  12. CNA Charting What Nurse Tells Her

    I admittedly have anxiety and struggle with respirations. One night my respirations were 21 and I kept counting until it reached 24. I told my nurse in case she wanted to verify. I don’t think she actually counted but I can’t prove it. I asked her we...
  13. Worried About HIPAA Violations

    Thank you so much. I agree… my anxiety is beginning to concern me. I will take your advice and seek treatment. Thank you
  14. Can honestly say one of the toughest things is going thru a 12 hour shift and not being able to share any part of my day with loved ones out of fear of saying too much. I am afraid of breaching HIPAA. I talked to a friend after I’d done a shift and w...
  15. False documentation?? Did I break the law ?

    Charting gives me anxiety. Did I break the law ? Am I allowed to chart (I’m currently a CNA) a bowel movement or vitals of my patient even IF another co worker or nurse took the vitals or took them to the bathroom ? I have major anxiety and alot o...