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  1. Fall in Love Again in it?

    I also have several other questions…. Is working in a pharmacy considered direct patient care? I would think it is because you administer injections. I want to take blood pressure or dispense medications in a pharmacy and then go home...
  2. Fall in Love Again in it?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone is making it through their probation? I’m very fortunate to be in Texas and have numerous places to find employment. I am 1/2 way completed. Is this profession worth falling in love with again or is others on t...
  3. Diversion Attorney

    Oh I see they do not allow attorney questions. I am 1/2 way completed with probation in Texas. I’ve asked for an exception to work with an agency and 3-6 month time reduction. However I just wondered if I could find an attorney that would...