Fall in Love Again in it?

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I was just wondering if anyone is making it through their probation? I’m very fortunate to be in Texas and have numerous places to find employment. I am 1/2 way completed. Is this profession worth falling in love with again or is others on the fence or some just through? I can believe being through with it but what about having problems with other careers with state licensing? 

I’ve thought about going back to school for other careers but is there something this career is missing? It seems to have everything included. 

I was just wondering. I’m back on the job hunt and asking for more exceptions with the BON.


Not sure? Im back wondering about if I should finish and move to Ireland. They have LVNs but I wouldn’t risk working over there I would just go back to school there. Real people do. 

(also planning on pursing a career as a realtor cause I think that would be a refreshing break and may be a lot of fun)

just wondering



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I also have several other questions….  Is working in a pharmacy considered direct patient care? 

I would think it is because you administer injections.

I want to take blood pressure or dispense medications in a pharmacy and then go home.

If it’s direct patient care then I want to go for it now. I liked skilled nursing facilities cause I thought they were fun and I liked the atmosphere. 

I just want to hand them the medication at the pharmacy and say have a good day.

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