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Kmerc0341 has 1 years experience and specializes in PCU.

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  1. Hello everyone, so I am a newer nurse with just a little over a year under my belt on a PCU and Hem/Onc floor. Despite being new, my peers elected me to be the chairperson for both the PCU council and the hospital shared governance councils. I k...
  2. Air bubble (~0.5ml) in pre-filled syringes

    I see this all the time as well, but you can actually inject up to 3cc of air without causing harm to the pt-according to the experts. I’m not willing to test that theory and 0.5-0.75 really is in the upper echelon of my personal comfort level. I’d s...
  3. Advice?

    Hello, I just wanted to see some opinions. so I have been a nurse for 1yr now and just made the move from med-surg/Tele to the PCU in the small community-based hospital I work at. This new unit does not allow overtime so I went to another(m...