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BuckeyeICUNurse is a BSN and specializes in Intensive Care.

Hey ‘yall!

I am currently a Registered Nurse in the state of Ohio, and my passion is ICU Nursing! I started in the NICU right out of college, and then transitioned to adult ICU in 2019, and have primarily worked in cardiology. I love to teach (as well as learn!) and recently started my small content writing business. I’m excited to gain knowledge and share information with you all.





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  1. BuckeyeICUNurse

    Impella Heart Pump | Knowledge is Power

    As a Cath Lab Nurse, I get to see a side of support devices up close and personal. One of my favorite assist devices is the Impella Heart Pump. This small pump made by ABioMed focuses on native heart recovery for patients. The pump allows the heart t...
  2. BuckeyeICUNurse

    CRRT: Providing Optimal Patient Care

    Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) is commonly used in ICUs for patients that need dialysis and are hemodynamically unstable. CRRT allows for slower filtration and particle removal, creating smaller fluid shifts during therapy. Here are...
  3. #1 Adapt and Overcome Remind yourself that you are capable of handling whatever your shift throws at you. You can always adapt and overcome. A positive attitude goes a long way in your next twelve hours. #2 Find A Routine That Works For You ...