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  1. SBVC Spring 2023 (Fall Applicants)

    Thank you Jaena for letting us know about this update!
  2. AVC Spring 2023 (Antelope Valley College)

    Thank you! 65 is great! :) Did you take the TEAS 7 or 6? I’m so nervous on taking it!
  3. AVC Spring 2023 (Antelope Valley College)

    Hey!! Aww, but it’s good that you don’t have to resubmit anything else. I’m doing good thank you, just so nervous. How are you? And yes, I have 55 points BEFORE adding the points for TEAS. I still haven’t taken the TEAS yet, ahhh!! So, I don’t know h...
  4. CSUSB Spring 2023

    Awesome Stats! I have a overall GPA of 3.859 and I haven’t taken my TEAS yet. I’m so nervous. Were you able to attend the info session since you’re now applying for Spring?
  5. Hi everyone! I wanted to make a chat for those applying to AVC for the Spring 2023 application. How is everyone doing?
  6. SBVC Spring 2023 (Fall Applicants)

    Thank you for the reminder!! 😊 Also, good luck!!
  7. SBVC Spring 2023 (Fall Applicants)

    Hi! Yay finally someone made a chat LOL! I'm also studying for the TEAS. I'm kind of scared now since there are some fill in the black questions. 😞 Anyways, are you guys all done with your Pre-Reqs? Also, are you guys transfer students? I'm going to ...
  8. AVC Spring 2023

    Hi, we’re you able to get an answer from someone?
  9. SBVC Nursing Program Fall 2022

    So exciting! Congratulations! Do you mind if I ask your stats for CSUSB? Also, do you speak a 2nd language and are local?
  10. CSUSB Spring 2023

    Hi everyone! I wanted to create a forum for CSUSB Spring 2023 applicants. I was wondering if we can share our Stats? 😊
  11. AVC Fall 2022

    Hi everyone, has anybody heard anything yet?
  12. CSUSB Fall 2022

    Congratulations to everyone who got accepted! I am happy for you all. 😊🎉 If you’re comfortable to share, May I ask what everyone’s Stats were?
  13. Mt. Sac Spring 2022

    Hi, I just had a question if anyone knows! Does Stats count as a pre-req for the math requirement? I see on their website it says "intermediate algebra or a higher college-level math course." Just wanted to see if Stats could possibly fit that catego...
  14. Victor Valley College Fall 2022

    Hello, I decided to make a topic for VVC's Fall 2022 applications since there wasn't one yet. How is everyone doing so far with their pre-reqs?
  15. AVC RN Spring 2022

    Thank you so much. Mt. Sac is also a great school. I just checked the website and I saw the language verification form. If I put on the form that I am not proficient in reading, that wouldn't count huh. ?