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nursegal has 10 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Nursing.

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  1. @AshleyN Yes, I truly hope all 5 of us are accepted into the program : ) Lets manifest it into existence. say this out loud: "We have been accepted and will start the program Apr 2022 : )"
  2. @yju225 Thank you for the information about the school. and its fine, you can vent here- we won't judge you : ) Everyone has their moments. Just remember your mindset determines your outcome. Stay positive and keep working towards your goal. Yo...
  3. Congratulations @Ashley N !!
  4. Hello, Congratulations on being selected for an interview. : ) No, I don’t have much information on what the interviews are like. Some of the older threads said it wasn’t bad at all and it wasn’t long.
  5. Hello I created this thread to see if there are other LPN's who have applied for the bridge program at pierce college (puyallup). I am hoping to receive a phone call that I was selected for an interview. We are just one day from being notified ...