Pierce College Puyallup LPN to RN Spring 2023 - study group?

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I am reaching out to see if anyone has been accepted into the full-time lpn to RN bridge program at pierce college (Puyallup, WA location for Apr 2023 start date?

If so, is anyone interested in forming a study group to be prepared for the first quarter beginning Apr 2023. 

I'm thinking we can review: dosage calculations, nursing fundamentals, pharmacology, med surg, nursing processes

I'm hoping to get a head start on studying. not sure how much content will be reviewed once we start the program. 

Best wishes to everyone who has been accepted!

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Hi there! 

I'm starting their Lpn to RN part time in the Summer. I want to get a head start in studying. Can you let me know what is the first course/subject? How was your first day?


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I have my interview for this program in a few days and was wondering if you remembered your interview at all and have any tips on questions or preparing?

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