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  1. ABSN GCU or CSU Fall 2022

    Hello All! I was wondering if I can get some advice on whether or not I should pursue the ABSN program at GCU OR the BSN program at CSU Fall 2022. I still need to do Patho and Micro this Spring, but I don't know if their program is worth it or ...

    Hello All! As a fellow Southern Californian (Riverside specifically), I was considering applying to the ABSN program at GCU for May or Fall 2022, but so far all I have seen are mixed reviews. So far, how do you all feel about the program? I hav...
  3. Should I drop Microbiology?

    Now, I have had an A in all my other prereqs except for the two science courses I am currently taking (A&P2 and Micro). I have a B in A&P2 and C in Micro. Every day, I wonder if I should just drop Micro, it has gotten to the point where I nee...