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PDRN has 22 years experience and specializes in ER / ICU.

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  1. I wound up tolling, it just bothers me that for the rest of my career I will need to admit my CA is subject to discipline.
  2. I have a expired CA RN license, and am a resident of another state, disciplined in the state I reside. CA discovered the discipline, and has now offered me a settlement, but it can be tolled. Yes, I have an attorney, I'm just wondering what other's e...
  3. Prescription monitoring

    My caseworker told me that they regularly monitor our state's prescription databank, whatever that means. I also had asked what if I did need a narcotic, as *** happens, and she said as long as there's a valid prescription and reason- I think they're...
  4. What else would I do?

    I am thinking about quitting all of this BS. Leaving nursing behind. im 55, can’t retire. What else could I do, besides work at WalMart?
  5. I am in my state’s assistance program for mental health issues that culminated in diversion, and am listed on the National Practitioners Database, I hold MN and CA licenses, too, but plan on surrendering CA. Since one desperate act has unlocked so ma...
  6. Last Sept I diverted a vial of Fentanyl to use in my suicide plan, did it on camera, didn’t give a ***. Last hour of last day of work. Recruiter called husband, who stopped me from finishing the job. I’m in a compact state, and am in that state’s dis...
  7. Leaving nursing

    Share options, because I am having a hard time thinking of what else I would do...I'm also older and don't feel like I have the time to do a 180 on my career, but also am not sure I want to spend what few years I may have left under the BON's thumb.
  8. ICU Nurse feeling burned out.

    I was thinking one of those laughs you make Siri do when you rename yourself hahahahahahahhehehehahahaha 😉
  9. ICU Nurse feeling burned out.

    I'm glad to hear you laugh, even if it's a weak, virtual laugh. like Haaaaaaaaaaahehehehehehahahahahaahahahahaaaa 😉
  10. ICU Nurse feeling burned out.

    TikTok was the only thing that kept me sane for a long time. I love to laugh, and that is the only thing that made me do so. People are so creative! I also was on Ambien at that time, my MD was kind and generous, and knew I had trouble sleeping, othe...
  11. My first injection mistake - new nurse

    Other than an annoyed patient, I'm sure you did no harm. You'd be surprised where we inject in the ER when necessary- pretty much wherever we can if the patient is combative. To cover yourself, document what the provider said to you...or just remembe...
  12. If you do decide to report her, go to the BON, bypass hospital personnel or administration. Yuck...she sounds like a delight.
  13. Online Graduate Level Classes

    My bff got her RN to BSN through the University of Phoenix, and our state's CRNA program did indeed look down at a "online tech school" degree instead of a brick and mortar degree. They actually stated that, and she was in such disbelief she told any...
  14. Anyone work as an RN in Lander, Wyoming?

    As a RN that worked many years at a critical access facility in western Montana, my advice would be get a staff position in a larger facility for a year or so, preferably ER 😉 to get bones in your feet, so to speak. These little hospitals in these be...
  15. How did you get accepted into a FNP program with no nursing experience? I've never heard of such a thing! (edit: no snarkiness intended- I feel for you, how overwhelmed you must be.)