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I was recently convicted of a federal drug felony, and even though I still have a restricted RN license, I am finding it impossible to find work. I am wondering if anyone has ever "gone into business" for themselves- I am planning on giving up my license, but I still have all of my same knowledge and skills as a licensed nurse. I know there have to be people who would be willing to pay for my skills / help in keeping a loved one or themselves at home. I am a critical care RN with heavy experience in hospice, ER. How would I even begin to see if there's a market? How would I market myself? There is no drug use in my past or present, I stole a vial of narcotic to help kill myself during Covid 3 years ago. I am back to baseline, but cannot find a regular nursing job. Thoughts?

You would absolutely not be able to work as a private duty nurse without a license. Even if you market yourself as a "care person" or something, you would not be able to do nursing things and it would be a huge liability if something happened. Unfortunately, I don't know of many jobs that would want you for your nursing knowledge but be OK with you not having an active license. Even non clinical roles still want you to have a license. Was this your first offense? I know the felony is a big deal but I had multiple "incidences" with the board, I completed a program and now have an unencumbered license. I've actually not found it difficult to find both clinical and non clinical jobs now that I have my license back. So if they offer you a program, I would take it instead of giving up your license. Are you working with a lawyer? Hang in there!

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