Good grief, will it never stop? MN nurses in assistance program?

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by PDRN PDRN Member Nurse

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Last Sept I diverted a vial of Fentanyl to use in my suicide plan, did it on camera, didn’t give a ***. Last hour of last day of work. Recruiter called husband, who stopped me from finishing the job. I’m in a compact state, and am in that state’s discipline program, so far successfully. 
I also held CA and MN licenses, let them lapse, but like a *** didn’t surrender them. Came home today to a summons from the CA Atty General regarding not notifying the CA BON about my discipline. I suspect MN will follow the same route. I never plan on nursing in CA again, so will surrender most likely, but MN could be a different matter. I have found a perfect job where when I am able to practice under a compact license again, unfortunately I would also need a MN license. I’m going to (hopefully) beat MN to a summons by notifying them of my home state discipline, but then I’m sure I’ll be subject to a separate discipline specific to MN, as I’m sure them deferring to my home state would never happen. 
Sooooo, can anyone give insight into MN’s disciplinary program?