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Ariemay82 has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER NURSE.

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  1. Ariemay82

    Vaccination Mandating

    I'm in NY. Wonder how other NURSES are feeling about mandatory COVID vaccination?
  2. Ariemay82

    ER Nursing in a Smaller Hospital?

    It all depends on the facility. Also your coworker are a big part of the equation. I work night shift in a small hospital ER and we don't get a whole lot of craziness but when you get a critical patient you have to have good resources especially if you are unfamiliar with the course of treatment. Food for thought not many ERs hire nurses without experience. Good luck!
  3. ISO any must have tips from seasoned ER NURSES! I've done home care, long term care, substance abuse and med/surg but decided it was time for something new. SO now I've moved on to the ER. Work flow is pretty good and multi tasking is on point but want to see if anyone has any handy tricks of the trade to share. I LOVE to work SMARTER NOT HARDER. Looking forward to your input!
  4. Ariemay82

    NYIT RN to BSN Online

    Has anyone enrolled or have info on NYIT RN->BSN online program? Their website has minimal info. My employer recommends them and offers a discount but I need to know what I'm signing up for..