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  1. Glam03

    Calling All My PACU Nurses

    We also have CNA's that can be pulled. We have 2 Charges- 1 for PACU and Prep and Hold. They try not to assign patients to Charge as they can be an extra set of hands. If they are busy, they page anesthesia CRNA or MDs to help. Our OR nurses if they ...
  2. Glam03

    Calling All My PACU Nurses

    Usually we staff PACU 1 and PACU 2 with different staff. We occasionally have to keep our patients from PACU 1 and follow then to phase 2. It just depends on if phase 2 RNs need help. We tend to keep them if they are a peds patient too. The RNs...
  3. Glam03

    Anyone ever pack a wound with betadine soaked gauze?

    Yup... That is what the wound MDs order frequently.