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    Is this a good TEAS/HESI score?

    Hello to All, I recently took the TEAS, and I am having kind of a hard time figuring out if my score is competitive or not. my lowest score was in Science at 83%. Reading was 85%. Math and Language usage were both over 90%. Total composite was an 88.7%. I'm reading that this is a good score, but is it? Nursing is super competitive these days, and there is always somebody out there that is potentially better... I also took the HESI. My lowest score was Reading Comprehension at 90%. The highest score was Math at a 98%. Composite was a 93.4%. What's the average at the quality BSN programs? Are these scores good enough, or should I consider retaking one or both of these exams? What are your thoughts? Your help is appreciated. Kindest Regards, MSane