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  1. IV starts and blood draws?

    Hello! I was wondering if PACU nurses do IV starts or draw labs? Could be either inpatient or outpatient. TIA!
  2. Hourly vs Salary Position

    Hi all! I'm probably gonna be offered a position in an outpatient surgical center (not attached to a hospital system) where I will be paid hourly. My current position is in a major hospital system where I’m currently working bedside and it’s salaried...
  3. NYC starting pay for hospitals for new grads

    Hello! I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through all this even with tons of experience. I don’t have any particular advice but just keep trying to apply or maybe reach out to people you know that can help you get a way in. It’s definitely hard and ...
  4. PTO?

    Hi all! Just wondering how many days of PTO these hours actually result in: 195 hours vacation and 90 hours sick time. Thank you
  5. NYP hiring for new grads

    Thank you! It’s definitely hard being a new grad and looking for a job but don’t give up on applying and interviewing until you land a job :) 5 interviewers was really rough and psyched me out which was part of the reason why I didn’t do well
  6. NYP hiring for new grads

    Hi! I'm not sure why I'm unable to reply to your message in my inbox. Unfortunately I didn't get the job at NYP, it was a difficult interview with 5 different people, so I'm not sure what the starting salary is. I do have a friend who works there and...
  7. Hi everyone! If given a situation in which you were rejected by a job, is it still possible to reach out to the recruiter to know that you're interested in the organization and if she is willing to look at your other applications so there's a chance ...
  8. NYU langone hiring process time

    Unfortunately they had to go with an internal applicant due to the union ?
  9. NYU langone hiring process time

    Thank you for adding in your experience!
  10. NYC starting pay for hospitals for new grads

    I think it’s hard to say because it differs depending on hospital and unit too. I’ve heard that at least 90k is a pretty good standard to expect
  11. NYP hiring for new grads

    hi! I'm sorry I can't reply to your PM because I don't have enough posts yet but you can email me at and I can talk to you through there if you don't mind
  12. NYU langone hiring process time

    Haha tbh I forgot about LI. But yeah I was just wondering because I interviewed and have been waiting.
  13. NYU langone hiring process time

    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone can provide some insight on how long it took you to land a job at NYU langone (either Manhattan or Brooklyn location), from start to finish. Thank you!
  14. NYC starting pay for hospitals for new grads

    Ahh thank you! I have a potential offer for Brooklyn location so hopefully it’s the same for that one
  15. NYC starting pay for hospitals for new grads

    May I ask if this is the Manhattan or Brooklyn location?