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  1. JazzT

    I have expired

    Forgot to mention I am 50yrs old. I feel like I am done and I should just move on to another degree.
  2. JazzT

    I have expired

    Hello, I need some advise. I am stuck. I graduated nursing school in 12/2012 with my ADN by the skin of my teeth exit HESI 850. I have failed NCLEX 4x. I have tried every study material. UWorld, Hurst, Nursing.com and remar, Rachel Allen, and Lippincott. I have no more money to spend. I am expired to take it again in Texas. I don't know what to do. I am a medical assistant and not happy at all. I am over worked and the pay is awful. I don't know what state I can take the NCLEX again. And I don't know where should I start.