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Hello, I need some advise. I am stuck. I graduated nursing school in 12/2012 with my ADN by the skin of my teeth exit HESI 850. I have failed NCLEX 4x. I have tried every study material. UWorld, Hurst, Nursing.com and remar, Rachel Allen, and Lippincott. I have no more money to spend.  I am expired to take it again in Texas. I don't know what to do. I am a medical assistant and not happy at all. I am over worked and the pay is awful. I don't know what state I can take the NCLEX again. And I don't know where should I start. 



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Forgot to mention I am 50yrs old. I feel like I am done and I should just move on to another degree. 



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5 hours ago, JazzT said:

I have failed NCLEX 4x.

You need to first focus on getting better prepared for NCLEX before focusing on what state will allow you to take it again. Google "NCLEX tutor" and find a highly rated tutor to determine what is causing you to fail NCLEX. It could be a content issue or testing problem. You studying on your own without an independent evaluator is not helping you. You are going down the same path studying for NCLEX and expecting a different result.


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allnurses has a live event coming up that might help you.  Cost is only $1.99.