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    Spring Arbor vs Walden

    I was worried about it initially but I have talked with a few FNP's who graduated from there and work at Bronson, Brogess, and Western Michigan University School of Medicine. They all said they had no problem finding jobs. So at least is my area employers are not throwing resumes in the trash. I also talked to a DNP who got her FNP from Michigan State but went to Walden for her DNP. She said employers care more about credentials then they do what school you attended. I get their admission process is nothing in comparison to other schools and that is because they are for profit but the fact their graduation rate is only 33% shows the program is hard and the pass rate for boards was 85% which is pretty good since the national average is 86%. They are also CCNE accredited. After reviewing all this information, I decided Walden University might be worth attending.
  2. Jlower1

    Spring Arbor vs Walden

    I want to go to school for my FNP. Online school is best for me because I have a toddler at home and plan on working full-time. Currently I am looking at Spring Arbor and Walden. I plan on starting in the fall. Has anyone attended these universities? I would appreciate feedback. Thank you.