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I started my FNP program this week at Davenport university and I am trying to come up with a good thesis. I am a NICU nurse and prior to that I worked in neurovascular. I am intresested in womens health, pediatrics, suicide prevention, and nutrition. I was thinking of doing suicide prevalance in healthcare workers or the assiocation of childhood obesity and breastfeeding . Any ideas or feedback is appreciated. Thank you. 

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Both of those sound interesting, but you will need to drill it way down. 

For suicide prevalence, is there data available? Will you be doing an intervention, and if so on who and is this feasible? 

Same thing for childhood obesity. Who would be your study population? How would you collect data? How would you allow for confounding factors?

I suggest doing a literature search and see what has already been done, and then look for something that hasn't. Often, in the comments section of a paper you will see questions for further inquiry, which could give you a clue. 

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19 hours ago, Jlower1 said:

the assiocation of childhood obesity and breastfeeding .

Don't you mean the association between childhood obesity and formula feeding?