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BlueSpruceDew has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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    First Position - How to not look dumb?

    Also- to answer your actual question “how to not look dumb”- ask questions!! Nothing scarier than a new nurse who doesn’t ask questions. If you know what you do not know; and know what you need help with; that is a sign of being safe & smart, not being dumb!!
  2. BlueSpruceDew

    First Position - How to not look dumb?

    Surely you’ll be paired up with a preceptor for at least your first couple of weeks right? Even if you’re not in a traditional new grad program, I would imagine that you at least have an experienced nurse orienting you & checking you off on policies and skills? if that’s the case, then you wouldn’t be alone while performing the skills for the first time anyway. I have 4 years experience as a nurse but it’s been years since I was in the hospital setting. For my first foley back in the hospital setting a couple weeks ago, it was as easy as “hey this patient needs a foley and I haven’t done one in a while, can you just be there while I do it when you have time?” Was enough... I know it can be harrowing feeling like you’re super new & need a lot of help, but there are LOTS of people who like to share their expertise & teach & be helpers. I know when one of my coworkers asks for help, it makes me happier to help them than one of my own patients needing help haha. Or when I can be nice to a new person and teach them one thing. Don’t forget there are nice & helpful people out there too!!
  3. BlueSpruceDew

    What would you do?? New Grad 2021 Houston

    Hi! On the one hand I’d say take the med surg job while you can get it, get your hospital experience & hopefully transfer to your preferred specialty when you can. But I also know that HCA is crap and I’d also be wary to work there, all I hear about is people trying to break their contract cause it’s so bad there. My mom actually does the nurse residency program at TCH and she told me their problem is this: because they haven’t taken any new nurse residents throughout all of Covid, now that they’ve finally opened up the program for this Summer again they’re very saturated. She said there were over 500 applicants for July start and they could only choose 80. And 80 at once is actually a large number for them, she’s very overwhelmed because they usually only do about 30 per class. if your resume has been looked over by other professionals then it’s probably fine, and the problem is just the sheer number of people all trying to get in after being shut out for so long due to covid. You’re not just going up against May 2021 graduates, you’re competing with everyone who was denied a start date in 2020 as well. Is there any way you could move to an area where it’s not so super saturated? I moved 1500 miles before my first nursing job so I know it is NOT easy but you might have to. I took a break from the hospital setting (med surg, then home care, now back to med surg) and I’m tellin ya, if you want to end up in the hospital setting I say try as hard as you can to start out there and stay there. It’s hard getting back in. if it were me, I’d rather move & start this Summer at a normal start time (around July/August) in a less than perfect specialty, than sit on my degree just waiting for something to open up. good luck to you!