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  1. I Don't Understand Team Nursing

    I do not understand team nursing. On my new job, there are RNs, LPNs, and PCTs. Each functions as a team. The RN as team leader does the assessments, care plans, orders, and other paperwork, the LPN passes out the medications, and the PCT...
  2. I learned that the hard way in 2019 while applying for other specialties. My skills were not diverse at the time due to working in home care at the time.
  3. Hello. I don't know what is wrong with me, but it seems I am always looking on Glassdoor, Linked In, and Indeed and seeing jobs that have better wages and benefits than the one I am currently at. Then I apply and get the jobs, only to see another j...
  4. You sure about that? I think with PDN,you have an even higher chance of losing your license. Also,any nurse in PDN will tell you the benefits AND pay are crappy. My sister,a new Lpn, makes $28/hour at a nursing home. Me, an 18 year R...
  5. I did,and guess what? My mental health started to crumble. First,the crappy health insurance. Then,no raises ever for the entire 10+ years I worked with that agency doing private duty. Meanwhile,inflation is going wild,so my pay was not even covering...
  6. I am not so sure. Very few nurses want to work with ventilators. Also,the gov of NJ,Phil Murphy, probably worsened the nursing shortage in this state by requiring Covid boosters.
  7. It is funny you mention retention bonuses. I never understood why employers won't give the staff that has been with them awhile a retention bonus instead of paying new staff sign on bonuses. From looking at the ads for nurses,it seems the bonuse...
  8. I'm back!

    Home health would be so much easier to work if we did not have OASIS. I get anxiety just thinking about it. I left skied visits after a year, I couldn’t take the paperwork.
  9. 53 yrs old, no BSN and feels helpless

    I think with the Philly/ NYC area, there are so many schools that employers can be choosey. But since Covid, you are right. There are some places hiring Lpns that would had not hired them before.
  10. 53 yrs old, no BSN and feels helpless

    What? Hospitals in my area won’t even hire an RN if he or she does not have their BSN. Even the VNA ads say “BSN only.” Trust me, I’ve tried for years with just my ADN and hospitals would not look at me. I had experience btw, just not acute care ...
  11. I know how much COVID affected shortages in med surg, ICUs, and skilled nursing facilities, but I am wracking my brain as to why there is a shortage of nurses that work with pediatric patients. I know many pediatric patients did get sick with CO...
  12. 53 yrs old, no BSN and feels helpless

    In my area, you need the BSN to work at the bedside and not the other way around. Around here,it looks like the entire nursing workforce will consist of BSN and Lpn,with the ADN left out. I guess you can either change your license or go back to scho...
  13. There's A Bright Side To Night Shift

    I just love seeing the morning sunshine,which is why I chose nights. I cannot stand the thought of working while the sun is outside and shining. The other pro is I do not have to travel during peak times,which means fewer traffic jams and reduced to...
  14. Need Advice

    I am pretty sure it isn’t allowed, esp if you signed a contract in the beginning prior to working for this agency. My agency does not allow this, but some nurses were able to get away with it in the past. You can still see what the oth...
  15. Who should decide?

    So she was discharged home,I assume with PDN nurses. Maybe she has 16 hours of skilled nursing a day. Is she brain dead or does she have global delays? Also,I just read that mom had another baby after Tinsley. Why?
  16. Should good health be a requirement for certain positions?

    With so many places hiring right now,there really is no need to put up with disrespect or any aspects of a job you do not like. I quit my PRN job doing skilled visits. Why? I do not want to put up with OASIS any more,
  17. Meaning you accepted a job at hospital A bad then one week later accepted a job at hospital B? You didn’t sign any paperwork but did get physicals at both places? What happened afterwards?
  18. How to spot a bad nurse

    In his article on what makes a nurse good,he said nurses must have an extroverted nature. I disagree with that one.
  19. New Nurses - DON'T TRAVEL

    This is why I sought out a med surg position even though I have over 15 years experience in non acute settings. I wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do on a med surg floor in these modern times of EMRs. Why would an agency open them...
  20. Radonda Vaught Trial

    I understand. But let’s not act like she was Charles Cullen. She didn’t intentionally set out to kill the patient.
  21. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Wow, so everyone has time to look up an unfamiliar medication before or during med passes? Try doing that in a long term care facility with 45 patients; you will never last!
  22. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Does anyone know if Radonda had malpractice insurance? I’m just wondering if the charges would have been reduced or if the case would have even made it this far?
  23. Please Help Me! I’m Over It!!

    I can’t stand when parents leave siblings for me to watch. I had to tell the family that the verbal, walking 13 child in the vent at night(no trach) cannot be respond for her five year old brother. The family tried to say the pt was responsible ...
  24. Subacute Rehab to Med Surg

    What are some skills I need to touch up on? My subacute unit had 10 patients and one CNA. I worked nights. We really didn’t have too many IV, never started one even if they did, and occasionally worked with PICCS. I am proficient with pico woun...
  25. Subacute Rehab to Med Surg

    You don’t change wound vacs? You don’t start IV? You don’t draw blood? Sign me up at that hospital! Do you have telemetry monitors at your hospital? Do you have to monitor them?