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  1. futurenurseelie

    Georgia State Perimeter College ASN 2022

    Hey love I want to be locked in with you cuz I’m taking APII this Summer as well and hasn’t taken the TEAS neither LOL so I’m with u on this one. I wanna know 😂😭
  2. futurenurseelie

    Southern Crescent tech College Spring 2022

    No babe don’t be worried! Pray about it and you’ll be fine. Now I actually made another thread about applying to Georgia perimeter college as a backup. Last night I realized I might not even be able to. So I’m taking anatomy & physiology 1 w lab at southern crescent and man I think I failed the course. Like not a grade that’ll get me accepted. My professor literally sucks! And if I have to retake ap1, that’s gonna push everything back for me. I won’t be finished at all by the deadline so now IDK what to do and my feelings are definitely hurt. Who did u take for ap1 and 2 and how did u pass cuz I need help!! :(
  3. Hey guys!! I wanted to know if any of you guys planned on applying to georgia state perimeter ASN program in the Spring time?? I wanted to hear yall input, stats, TEAS, acceptance rate and everything else! also I had question. Does it matter if you failed other non nursing related courses? like does that automatically disqualify? or do they just focus on the courses needed for nursing?? but overall I know there deadline is July 31st so im nervous!
  4. Hello everyone! I wanted to go ahead and create a thread for those who plan on applying to southern crescent ASN program for the Spring of 2022. I know the application is due August so lets chat and get aquainted! Im a transfer student and I had a few of my credits. I just needed to take the TEAS and AP 1 and 2, but I was told to retake my english courses 1 and 2 over due to getting a C at my old school. Also that I should pass those classes with A's cuz the program is so competitive and that people with C's hardly never make it in. That definitely scared me but I have faith. But as far as the TEAS, what are you guys using to study? cuz im so nervous to take it. Overall this is a safe thread, no judgement and to help each other out.