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    Long Road

    Hi, I started in Tpapn in Summer 2019. I had random test for a year. Then I underwent a new psychological evaluation to and was determined I did not have a substance abuse issue. I also had a Bipolar Dr and counselor letter saying I was fit and was not abusing substances. I then asked the Texas BON for an exception to a previous order. I asked out of being drug retested since I had a year and verifiable evidence. I then asked to be released from having a psychiatrist clear me quarterly. I asked that my counselor be able to but I can use several different prescribers, NP Counselor, PA. I was then released from drug testing. now that I am working I can ask for another Board exception in September I believe. by then I will have been working 5-6 months and by the time the Board reviews my exception to be unencumbered it will be around a year. I’m supposed to have 1 year supervised direct and one indirect. however I am going to ask for my mental health provider you release me from being monitored. I mean ask to be released to practice unsupervised. Then submit to the Board. my mental health monitor is allowed to however to release me any time from being monitored by them and the Board but since I have bipolar my treatment will continue. But I plan on starting to get all this prepared now so I can have it all submitted. hopefully I will be able to be released around the beginning of 2022.
  2. Texasoklahoma1985

    Long Road

    If I can ever get back being unencumbered I don’t think I will try to do this ever again.... night mare LOL jk
  3. Texasoklahoma1985

    Long Road

    Hi, I found my way back on here. its been a few months. I do miss being able to talk to other nurses and people. I started tpapn in 2019 and after 1.3 years I asked to be released from drug testing. I was released. I interviewed on and off a few places and just kept praying someone would hire me. That was way longer then I ever thought it would take but I did have insight from this site that it could take long time and possibly even longer. I finally was able to get hired with a plasma facility in Dallas Texas. my first day is on Tuesday and I am so relieved and I don’t really have the words to say how thankful I am. I just wanted to tell others not to ever give up on nursing cause it’s a really wonderful career. I just know I didn’t expect to be blocked out from other careers for those licenses from other boards. this is interesting.... All I know is I have unlimited thoughts that go through my mind.. anyone else? oh I’m not on drugs and does anyone know how this car dealership thing works. That hard top convertible is further out of reach then I can imagine.