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  1. I haven't heard back yet. I applied to 2 training programs and some Clinical Nurse I positions but only got emails about my ranking. I spoke to a nurse that works at one of the hospitals and she said we should wait a couple months because they are cu...
  2. I keep Postponing My First Day Of Work

    I was hospitalized because of an illness I've had for years and got worse but has gotten better since my doctor found out what was wrong and taking a new medication. I just messaged my doctor a few minutes ago to give me a doctors note to give my emp...
  3. I was supposed to start my first day at work 11 days ago but I was not feeling well the night before. I drove to work that morning, parked and sat in my car still feeling sick. I decided there was no way I could work feeling like this, so I drove hom...
  4. Anxious starting SNF job tomorrow as an RN

    The last time I worked at a facility was 8 years ago in an Assisted Living setting as an LVN. I graduated as an RN last year and will start working at a SNF tomorrow. It feels like the hiring managers are in a rush to get me in and start working. I k...
  5. Welcome! I got the same email but haven't heard from them after that. A nurse working there told me to wait a couple months because they are still training new nurses that applied before us. Good luck! Welcome! How did the interview go and wh...
  6. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this thread and I got an email on 9/1 for the Specialty training program. I'm ranked 82 and was wondering how long it took for them to contact you for an interview. Also, what was the process like once they called yo...
  7. I made this thread for anyone that applied to the Specialty Training Program for the County of Santa Clara ( Valley Medical, O' Connor and St. Louise hospital) 😊! Has anyone applied to this program before and how long did it take you to get a re...
  8. UCSF New Grad Fall 2022

    So I’m guessing that’s it… no more invites? 😢
  9. UCSF New Grad Fall 2022

    Did anyone get invites for the 11th interview yet?
  10. UCSF New Grad Fall 2022

    Adult Surgical was my first choice
  11. UCSF New Grad Fall 2022

    I haven't gotten anything yet. I wonder if they will still send out invites after today even though the job application says no later than August 8.
  12. UCSF New Grad Fall 2022

    I keep refreshing this forum to see if anyone was contacted for an interview already LOL
  13. I will be graduating from my BSN program this July and my goal is to work MedSurg at Kaiser in NorCal (bay area) and have so many questions so I can prepare myself ahead of time: 1.) What should I do as a newgrad trying to apply at Kaiser for a ...