Anxious starting SNF job tomorrow as an RN

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The last time I worked at a facility was 8 years ago in an Assisted Living setting as an LVN. I graduated as an RN last year and will start working at a SNF tomorrow. It feels like the hiring managers are in a rush to get me in and start working. I know it's normal to feel anxious but I'm just terrified not knowing what to expect and feeling that I'm not ready to work in a fast paced environment. It's been sooo long since I've worked at a facility. I'm having all these negative thoughts questioning if I'll be a good nurse, will people treat me bad, will people complain that I'm too slow, etc.?

I'm feeling super anxious because I'll be in an environment I'm not familiar with and being around new people. If anyone here has worked in a SNF as an RN, how was your experience like? How was it like starting with orientation day, how long did you train before being on your own, and how long did it take for you to feel comfortable working alone? Also, what is the usual routine for an RN at a SNF (for AM shift)?

I've worked as an LVN on and off for 10 years (assisted living for 2 1/2 years and home health) and I feel like I don't have that much work experience since there were times I was unemployed for 2 years on and off. It's like my skills are a bit rusty and there will be so much to learn working as an RN. I'm almost in my 40's and I feel like I won't be as skillful and knowledgeable as other nurses and people will complain about me. 

I know there are many people in this forum that post very similar experiences but I just wanted some advice and encouragement that can help me push forward and maybe make my week a little better. Thanks.

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Sounds like just plain anxiety,find help.Hope you are working by now,keeping those patients safe and happy.