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  1. USNR Nurse Corps Specialties

    Thank you!
  2. USNR Nurse Corps Specialties

    Hey y'all! I have a question about reserve nursing specialties. However, I have a unique background that must be taken into account before I pose my question. Background: I am a civilian in my twenties who is graduating from a BSN program this ...
  3. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    Thread for UCF ‘21 Traditional BSN ❤️ I sent my application in literally at 12:00 am on February 1st... is this application wholistic or first come first serve? Also... does UCF look at your transcript with grades from this semester? Aside fr...
  4. UF Traditional BSN 2021

    Thread for University of Florida traditional BSN applicants.? Posted early so we can get our questions asked before the March 1st application deadline. With corona this year, applications are even more interesting and unpredictable! My stats are...
  5. UF Traditional BSN 2021

    There was a personality assessment in our HESI exam, so it makes sense that they did away with the second one. Two personality assessments is a little much.
  6. UF Traditional BSN 2021

    Ohhhh that makes sense where you got the info. Thank ya!
  7. UF Traditional BSN 2021

    Is this confirmed that the graduate students haven't heard back yet?
  8. UF Traditional BSN 2021

    For those who are not at UF right now, did y'all get accepted as a transfer? My application has been under review for sooooo long.
  9. UF Traditional BSN 2021

    Historically, UF has released their decisions on a Friday. Maybe this Friday we will get the word?
  10. UWF Fall 2021 BSN

    Just as an FYI for this Summer at UNF there were over 600 applications and only 35 were selected. That's an acceptance rate of less than 6%. The Summer is also apparently a "lot less competitive"... so you can probably imagine the chances for everyon...
  11. UWF Fall 2021 BSN

    So... I had a garbage first TEAS score of a 79 but I got it up to an 85 like yours. However, my GPA is a 3.8 overall and 3.75 Pre-req. My resume is quite extensive as I am not only a CNA, Scout leader, and conducted many volunteer projects, but I am ...
  12. UWF Fall 2021 BSN

    I am happy that you finally got accepted! Pensacola is a big Navy/military town and of course has nice beaches.
  13. UWF Fall 2021 BSN

    I got in for fall ‘21 at UWF. Rejected from UCF, and didn’t apply to FGCU. I am a student from UNF. UNF is INSANELY competitive... they rejected me too and I am their own student! I am wishing you the best of luck. I am not going to confirm my seat a...
  14. UF Traditional BSN 2021

    I didn't get one yet. I double checked my spam folder as well, but to no avail.
  15. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    Amen, staying positive is crucial. Does he want to be a nurse?
  16. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    Yeah, of course! Here is detailed info. on the package/scholarship for the navy: This should answer all your questions. But please, don't go into the military just to have some slack on...
  17. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    I see why not many people are applying to USF: their average GPA last year was a 3.9, and they don't consider TEAS scores. They got strictly by grades.
  18. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    I apologize this is a long answer to your simple question, but I wanted to put some info about applying to other schools that may be helpful to others! ? I applied to UWF and UNF for the fall. I didn't apply to FGCU because my first TEAS was bar...
  19. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    You are very welcome. You are very smart for not putting all your eggs in one basket! Over the Summer is when a lot more application decisions will come out. What other places did you apply to? I applied to UWF, UNF (fall), UF, and am applying to Val...
  20. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    #same We all need to be strong and remember that we are not the problem, nursing school is. They don't care about your resume nor what the world needs: which is more nurses! They just want more money which is an absolute shame and a disgrace. ...
  21. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    I am a student at UNF, and I can vouch they are probably the most competitive in the state. They were very quick to reject me for the Summer and I am their own student. In this last application cycle for the Summer there were 600 applicants (thi...
  22. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    Did you hear back from Daytona too?
  23. UCF 2021 Traditional BSN

    UCF just sent me an email with my decision. I was rejected. I think I may get in at UF, as I scored a 90.5 on the HESI with my first try and I will have a 3.8 GPA including my Spring grades. Best of luck to y'all!
  24. UF Traditional BSN 2021

    I am a transfer from UNF ?? My stats are not stellar but are up there. 3.75 GPA, 89.6 HESI, and 920 on the personality portion. I am a CNA on a med/surg floor, finishing a minor in psychology, and have a diverse resume. I wrote stellar essays with ...
  25. Navy NCP Scholarship

    Starting a thread here for anyone who A. is considering/applying to or B. has gone through the Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) with the Navy. Please share everything and anything. A little about me: I have applied to three traditional BSN program...