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  1. @Diamondzee1, I graduated from the school already. As far as professors I cannot say much because when I graduated they were in the process of hiring different professors, some professors are no longer teaching the same classes. there are new professors from what I was told. , as far as the system what do you mean by this?
  2. Badkugo

    Harbor UCLA Nurse I/Relife Nurse

    thats weird, I called and he said there was med surge . Try calling tomorrow and everyday after that. don't give up, something should open up. @NurseEm10
  3. Badkugo

    Harbor UCLA Nurse I/Relife Nurse

    @NurseEm10 did you call today ? For what unit specifically. I just called a half an hour ago and they have med surge and other outpatient units available
  4. The one thing I will say is it doesn't have the best tracking record but again not all schools do for a reason, its nursing, but it is very doable, and you will learn a lot of self discipline. As far as working you don't have to quit, they will not ask for prove of you not working, the only thing is if your job is flexible to let you work hours when you're not in school then you'll be set. More than half of my cohort worked either part time or full-time, on days we did not have class, its very hard to work and study at the same time but its doable. I worked part time and full-time while in nursing school, you'll get used to it.
  5. So only speaking for LATTC,for the waiting lists, they do not choose people with the highest GPA, to give you an example, my overall GPA was 3.0 but my sciences GPA was around a 2.5 , with that in mind I had a classmate or several classmates who got in with a 2.5 overall GPA and a sciences GPA of 2.5., we all still got in . They go by first come first served, so the sooner you apply the sooner you'll get in. Im not sure how long the waiting list is now, but it varies, your luck might be different than everybody else. I say this because I had a few classmates who waited about 2-3 semesters(1-1 1/2 years),even with high GPA's like 3.5 to get in meanwhile I only waited about 4 months with a lower GPA. You just have to meet the minimum requirements, attend a mandatory orientation and then they'll put you on the wait list. If people who are on the wait list get accepted into other schools they cut those people off and make space for the rest who are on the wait list. Again everyone's time varies, but if your name is destined to be picked earlier or later it is what it is. Don't give up hope, I know when I was looking for RN programs I was depressed thinking I would never get into one or that ti seemed like it was taking for ever , but you never really know what this life has in store for you. Do your part and the rest will be taken care of when your time comes, it just requires a lot of patience. I know my opinion wasn't asked but if I can offer my two cents, Its better to exhaust all options that are available to you rather than to just stick to lottery based CC's. , in the meantime while you wait, start to look for hospitals to volunteer or get a hospital job that has opening for any position, this will help you get your foot in the door once you're done with nursing school, they never say this to us but its hard getting a job as a new grad, this state is super impacted.
  6. Hello everyone, I am creating this post because I did not find a lot of information on the web regarding this topic. I recently passed the LA County exam for the RN I/RELIEF NURSE position, according to an email that was sent to me with my final score. However I am not sure about what to do to proceed with the possible hiring /interview process. I know that nursing managers are said to call based on whatever Band a person is placed on. With that in mind, does anyone know how long it usually takes for a hiring manager to call(for example if you're placed on BAND I)? Has anyone had experience with this? (I am looking forward to working for LAC+USC) ,Or if anyone can share any suggestions or things I should know I would appreciate it, thank you all.
  7. I applied to both lottery system based CC's and CC's that go by waiting semesters. haha, try applying to both, you never know who might choose you or where you will end up. Whatever you choose I hope that you find what your'e looking for. Best of luck to you .
  8. Badkugo

    Anyone know about lattc nursing program

    I know this is an old post but , if you get a 75% int he first semester for any of the classes you get kicked out, But if you pass first semester and continue on to second through fourth you are allowed to retake only one course. Meaning if you flunk a class in second semester or third, you can retake one, after that if you flunk another course youre completely out of the program .
  9. I know some people who went to WCU and are still paying off loans, it is ultimately up to you what you decide to do. One, either way it out and apply to as many schools as you can and risk being in a lottery where you may or may not get in or in another CC program where the wait list is 2-4 semesters, or two, apply for WCU and take the chance of paying off the heavy loans. I know its a hard decision just be patient with yourself, I remember a few years ago considering WCU, but ended up applying to CC's as well, and got in within 1 semester. Everyones luck is different, go with what is most realistic for you and what feels right.
  10. @cookie123d, Do you know what your overall sciences GPA is?, If you have a 2.7 over all GPA right now and maintain it you would still have a chance to apply for certain community colleges. I know Southwest and Los Angeles Trade Tech both accept 2.5 GPA , and 2.5 sciences GPA(for anatomy, Microbiology, physiology ), and they accept 1 grade repeat, meaning if you took one of those classes for a second time with a better grade they will consider it. Im not sure if Southwest college does a lottery but I do know that Los Angeles Trade Tech goes by first come first served basis, they do not utilize lottery.
  11. Badkugo

    Harbor UCLA Nurse I/Relife Nurse

    @gingerbreadgirl, my email contained no information on how to proceed after passing the exam, however the woman who sent me the email told me that now I should just wait for the recruiters to contact me when there is any available space according to the band that I am in and the availability of opened positions. Please do keep me posted. I want to work at LAC+USC, so far I have not seen any other forums of other people who have the same questions.