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  1. OR or CRNA route???

    I am a soon to be new grad, and I LOVE the OR. I've worked as an OR tech for a while, and I love the idea of nursing in the OR setting. I'm looking for opinions; should I start in an OR as a circulator, hopefully learn to scrub, go the APRN/RNFA rout...
  2. Northwell October Fellowships (RN) 2022

    Would anyone be willing to share their starting salary offers for the Long Island locations? Also if anyone is specifically in periop/OR fellowship what the call schedule and pay would be like once the training is over. Trying to get an idea to compa...
  3. Yale New Haven New Grad Pay

    Glassdoor says around $96,000 but this seems a little high for the area.
  4. Northwell October Fellowships (RN) 2022

    Congrats! If you don't mind sharing, what was your starting salary offer? I'm curious how the starting offer at Lenox Hill compares to the Long Island locations.
  5. Hofstra 2021 CRNA

    Would anyone happen to know if this program is supported by Northwell Health's tuition assistance program?
  6. University of Scranton 2021

    Congrats to everyone accepted! Would anyone be willing to share stats?
  7. Hofstra 2021 CRNA

    I'm curious as to how competitive the first few cohorts will be because this is a new program. I feel that it being the only program on Long Island will result in high competition seeing as there are so few programs in the surrounding area. However, ...
  8. Hofstra 2021 CRNA

    Did anyone have their interview yet??
  9. Fairfield CRNA 2021 Application

    Hello all, Congratulations to those accepted! I am a current BSN student and am seriously considering applying to Fairfield University's CRNA program. Although I am years from beginning my application process, I have some very important decision...