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  1. Hey all! I've been a nurse for 5 years working in a variety of settings: Med-Surg, SNF, ICU, and ER. More and more I'm getting sick of hospital setting (didn't care for long term either) and am trying very hard to find the area I belong; which is insanely difficult. After doing some soul searching, I feel that the majority of my problem is well, I kinda hate the way our healthcare is approached LOL. In my experience, I see more often than not a focus on treating illness rather than preventing it in the first place. I really resonate with the idea of holistic nursing; but I don't have a clue what kind of careers are out there where holistic nursing is the center focus. Any advice on possible career paths to choose and where to find them? Especially if there are any paths that involve nutrition?
  2. Valkyrie93

    ER to OR????

    Hello everyone! I am an RN of about 5 years now (will be 5 years in June). About 3 of those years have been in ER. For personal reasons, I am just completely burnt out of ER and am currently looking for another job. There is an opening at our local magnet hospital for an OR position, which includes a very long fellowship program to introduce nurses to the operating room. I have put in an application but would like some insight on what life is like for operating room nurses. Thank you!