Outpt Endo Interview Tips!


Hey all! So I got the call this morning for an interview in an outpatient Endoscopy Center. I'm a BSN RN of five years with the last two being in ER, the last year of which I have been PRN (but I also worked full-time ER at another facility a few years ago). I'm really excited for this opportunity as the hours are very good and it is ridiculously close to my home, as compared to my current one hour drive. 

I really want to make a good impression on this interview, so do ya'll have any tips to help me out? Also, I'm concerned that they will ask me why I went PRN at my current job; which the main reason I went PRN there was for the improved flexibility; but things have changed now and I just want a good, stable career. I can't do ER forever =/. How exactly is the best way to word that???? Thank you!


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Endoscopy is very fast paced and repetitive. That said, it's been my favorite specialty in my 10 years of nursing.

The expectations in outpatient Endo is that you are fast, efficient, and friendly! Being an ER nurse is a great benefit. I can assume you are used to a fast paced environment, starting IV's, and administering sedation. 

Play on your experience and be yourself! Good luck!


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I agree w/ILoveGI - just focus on your experience, tell the hiring manager exactly what you said here - that you needed flexibility but things have changed and you are now seeking a stable, full time position that is closer to your home, one that allows you to use your skills to date but also one that will allow you to grow professionally.

Good luck - hope it works out for you