Considering travelling? Have Questions


Hey all, its been a long time since I've posted on here; but I am an RN with 5 going on 6 years of experience, mostly in ER. For the past year though, I've been working outpatient endoscopy and really like the outpatient/ pre&post op type setting. Almost all of my former ER mates have left to go travel, and I'm really considering if I should give it a try (especially while the rates are still so high).  What I'm worried about though is that I really do not want to do any ER assignments (still burned out) and I would really like to focus on places like ambulatory surgery or in-house surgery. But since my only surgical type experience is outpatient endoscopy, would any facility even be willing to hire me in their preop or PACU settings? 


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Maybe. Preop positions are probably rare, PACU might be possible - the needs are there. But endoscopy nurses can travel too. Call a few agencies to see what they say.