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icepackstat has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. icepackstat

    Things I should not have to say...

    After using the restroom, "Did you wash your hands?" Almost all of them go back and wash!
  2. icepackstat

    Lunch Coverage

    It's 1:45pm and I am eating my lunch amidst 3 fever filled students. I don't have anyone to cover my lunch. I get grumpy in these situations. Anyone have any creative lunch coverage solutions? If not, please just tell me I am not the only one and...
  3. icepackstat

    School Nurses, When To Call Parents!

    My school has carbon copy nurse passes. #1, the kids think it is magic when I hand them the paper with the writing on it. #2, I tell the teachers that they can send that copy home or whatever they want to do with it. The teachers have documentatio...
  4. icepackstat

    Summer School School nursing

    I have seen like 4 kids all morning! It is very quiet. I know fall is coming and I will be swamped! Any suggestions on projects to use my time well?
  5. icepackstat

    Happy School Nurses Day!

    Our district pulled all of the nurses off their campuses for a full hour of appreciation from admin complete with breakfast and goodies. The administrators were all so very grateful for all we had done over the Covid years. I am sharing their appre...
  6. icepackstat

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    First pink Wednesday for me!
  7. icepackstat

    Great School Nurse Day gifts???

    This was one of my favorite gifts!
  8. icepackstat

    Elementary vs. Middle School Nursing

    Thank you all so much for your perspectives! I think at the core of my being I am an elementary nurse. I am just going to have to set some different boundaries with the potty accidents! This is my 7th year and every year has been different. Who k...
  9. icepackstat

    Elementary vs. Middle School Nursing

    My elementary is adding pre K for 3 year olds. I am not sure I have the temperament for that many wet clothes. The added vaccines and screenings also might put me on tilt. I am thinking about an opening in middle school. Please stop me now if thi...
  10. icepackstat

    Vision/Hearing exams on preschool age children

    I wait until December to do Pre-K. A few months of school can really help! We are a bi-lingual school at that makes it harder for me. I did make these glasses for little ones so they don't have to hold anything. It helps! And then I tell myself t...
  11. icepackstat

    Burnout or Overwhelmed?

    I don't have any answers, but thank you for sharing! This is a really tough year. I am feeling all of that today too!
  12. icepackstat


    My daughter had a mickey g-button for 3 years. We have lots of g-button stories! It came out at McDonald's one time and my son found it in the playland. Eww. The worst time was she lost it at church one morning but I didn't know it was gone until ...
  13. icepackstat

    When to stay home from school

    Hello! Does anyone have any creative English/Spanish flyers on when to stay home from school? I am too busy to be creative! Thanks! Stay healthy out there!
  14. icepackstat

    Newsletter templates anyone?

    Thank you! I like Canva!
  15. icepackstat

    Tips, tips, tips? :)

    Welcome! The beginning of the year is the hardest. Lots of data entry with immunizations and health plans. Triage your school and prioritize. Probably developing a good relationship with the diabetic student and his/her family is most important! ...