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  1. Navikay

    Pregnant in this Pandemic

    Hi everyone! I've been working on a PCU floor going on 5 months now and I just found out that I'm pregnant... Which is exciting, but I'm worried that the workload of my floor, coupled with the Covid patients that we see, would put too much stres...
  2. Navikay

    PhD vs DNP

    Hello! I'm very interested in research and I know I would love to pursue this field of nursing at some point in my career. However, I'm just not sure what the benefits of getting a PhD over a DNP are. From my understanding DNPs also participate...
  3. Navikay

    Lee Health Nurse Residency 2020

    Hello everyone (or hopefully someone!)! I was wondering whether anyone has applied to the Lee Health Nurse Residency program in Fort Myers, Florida? I applied on September 11th and I still haven't heard anything... On the application portal the...