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Lee Health Nurse Residency 2020

by Navikay Navikay (New) New Nurse Student

Hello everyone (or hopefully someone!)! 

I was wondering whether anyone has applied to the Lee Health Nurse Residency program in Fort Myers, Florida? I applied on September 11th and I still haven't heard anything... On the application portal the status has been stagnant at "Applied" which means they haven't reviewed it yet. I actually called HR yesterday and the representative said this was pretty typical since they receive a lot of applications and it takes a while for the nurse resident recruiters to review them all. Which gives me some hope because she didn't come out and say that they weren't hiring new nurse residents, but now I'm just wondering how long is a while and if anyone else is in the same boat? 

Has anyone else applied to the Lee Health residency recently? Are you stuck in the same spot as I am? If so, how long have you been waiting? Or have you progressed on to being reviewed and interviewed? And if so, how long did it take for them to review your application?