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  1. Anyone regret leaving the clinic for remote job?

    Thanks for the responses. I'm very excited and feel blessed to have this opportunity!
  2. When to turn in resignation?

    Yes, I have decided to wait. We don’t actually work holidays b/c we are an outpatient clinic. Some of the locations close b/c of providers on vacation. I hate to say I will work in another office knowing I won’t be there by then. I’m in limbo rig...
  3. When to turn in resignation?

    Sour Lemon, the worry is coming exclusively from my own anxious mind. ?
  4. When to turn in resignation?

    I accepted a contingent offer on a new job last week and am now waiting on background check and drug screen to clear. I wanted to wait until everything was finalized before I give my current job 4-week notice. But now my manager(s) are asking me ab...
  5. I would like to hear from fellow nurses who have left the ambulatory/clinic world and switched to a remote (work at home) position. What are the cons? Any regrets? Thanks!