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coffeeandvendingmachines has 8 years experience as a BSN and specializes in med surg.

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  1. Orientation Not Going Well

    Thank you so much. I wish I could private message you but I have to post more content for that. So I started writing things down and creating little "cheat sheets" for myself and it helped, but my manager wants me to not rely on that for "core ...
  2. Orientation Not Going Well

    Hey all. First of all, thank you for this wonderful website I have to say. So I'm trying not to write an entire long drawn out story but, I'll end up doing it anyway. I am struggling. I recently got an outpatient nurse job. I have high anxiety ...
  3. Don't know whether to take the job

    I just finished an interview and shadow process today at a pediatric outpatient clinic for a possible job there. There would be no holidays or weekends and the environment is supposed to be way less stressful than my current inpatient adult med surg ...
  4. My job is stressing me out

    I have been a med surg nurse for 7 years now, but to no avail. My job has led me to be literally suicidal and it's only med surg. Any advice for how to obtain a non-bedside nursing job and is it feasible and if so how? Also any advice for a job that ...
  5. Do you day shift nurses ever feel an exasperated yet defensive/angry response to the next shift when you failed to do something you should have done during your shift and it is passed on to them? I feel a mix of exasperation, apology, and defens...
  6. Diluting pain medication?

    Hello all, I have many fellow coworkers who will dilute IV pain medication every time they administer it. "I always dilute my meds" "I won't give the patient a high/rush" "Doesn't the package even say to dilute it? I've always done it". Well,...
  7. maternity leave

    I apologize if this is in the wrong category. I am naive here but, what do you as nurses do while on maternity leave for financial support? My company just created a new policy about a year ago where we have to now use up our accrued PTO. At th...