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I have been a med surg nurse for 7 years now, but to no avail. My job has led me to be literally suicidal and it's only med surg. Any advice for how to obtain a non-bedside nursing job and is it feasible and if so how? Also any advice for a job that actually pay decently in such a category? 


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You need to get some help for your mental health if you haven't already. (I speak from a long time of dealing with similar). If the job truly is all that is causing your depression/despair then you seriously need to look at (if possible) dropping to part time or stop working for a period of time until you are more stable. Another option, if possible, look to transfer to another department where you work such as discharge planning or case management so you can move away from bedside nursing.

NO job is worth suicide. NO employer is worth long term upset.

There are multiple posts on here about non-bedside nursing positions so a quick search will bring those up. Depending on your degree, experience and what you need scheduling and monetarily you should be able to land something that is comparable given you have at least 7 years med/surg. Look at travel nursing, home health, hospice, case management (look at Monogram Health and see if they are hiring where you live - great company), nursing homes/long term care/assisted living facilities for NON bedside type positions, insurance companies..the list goes on.,,, and of course all employer web sites directly I'm sure list non-bedside positions. 

Hope you find something else soon - again, NO employer/job is worth what you are experiencing.




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Excellent advice given above. I actually don’t think I have much to add. Frequently, nurses are gas lighted by their organizations. Trust your instincts and discuss with your peers. Do not be bullied into impossible work situations. 

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Please get help. You don’t deserve to feel suicidal, especially not over a job. It’s not worth your life. There are excellent organizations that can give you a good start, such as the hotline at 1-800-273-8255 and the Crisis Text Line (text START to 741-741). 
And don’t think of it as “only” med/surg. M/S nursing is CRAZY and I admire you for sticking with it this long. I sure couldn’t, it drove me around the bend inside of three years. You have lots of experience that will stand you in good stead if/when you decide to leave the hospital. You may also want to consider case management or insurance company nurse consultant. These pay OK although probably not as well as hospitals. However, your mental health and peace of mind are of higher importance than money, and you can’t be at your best when you’re so stressed that death seems to be the only way out.

Again, seek help, and please keep us posted on how things are going for you. We care!

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